Architecture offers one the opportunity to engage society on a variety of terms, be it as a practicing architect, academician, or others. Consequently the program at NCA is concentrated on the development of the core skills of an architect, yet leaving ample scope to acquire skills in the allied fields of one’s preference.

The studios are the life of NCA. Multiple threads of History, Arts, Humanities, Sociology, Economics, Structural design, Climate and the Environment contribute to the creative process in the architectural studio. A judicious combination of academicians and practitioners in the studio enable students to acquire theoretical and critical skills as well as professional acumen.

Students are encouraged to intern with architects whenever possible during semester breaks. The fourth year of the program affords students the opportunity to intern with an architect for an entire year’s duration. Internship provides an exposure to the intricacies of the profession with all its day-to-day challenges. Students learn about the various facets of professional practice like accounts, record-keeping & documentation, tendering and contracts, litigation, arbitration, and site coordination. Study trips are an essential aspect of all architectural studios. Two trips of longer duration are also undertaken to enable students to appreciate the vast traditional and contemporary architectural repository of India.

NCA cherishes the creative liberty of its students. The faculty strives to be facilitators, providing students the necessary creative space within which they can develop their own unique skills.

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