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Nehru College
of Architecture

“An ideal place for experiencing Architectural Education in Kerala”

Nehru College of Architecture strives to equip the next generation of architects with the knowledge and skill set to conceptualize the future of the built environment. The B.Arch program addresses future concerns in these uncertain times when the world is facing major migrations induced by climate change, natural & manmade disasters, resource depletion, pollution, congestion & overcrowding in urban areas etc. NCA trains architecture students to turn these dire prospects into opportunities by conceiving many types of architectural projects that respond to sustainability of the environment and also reflect the culture & ethos of the local population.

NCA is a unique institution as it provides top class infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, academic freedom, and interaction with practicing architects, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, which ensure an atmosphere to develop the young budding architect.

Although professional training in an Architects firm is a requisite for the completion of the B.Arch program, at NCA we go far beyond architectural internship. Students are encouraged to take part in national & state level architectural competitions wherein they are guided by expertise groups so that they learn to address emerging areas such as Green building technologies, Urban ecology, Computation etc.

At the same time, the Architecture college will also orient the students to adhere to high moral values and shape them towards leadership roles in the development tasks of community and nation building.

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