We aim to provide architectural education that is rooted in the rich art & cultural heritage of India which also embraces the latest developments in science and technology of the contemporary world. At Nehru college of Architecture, we are committed to the important task of producing architects who can envision the future and are willing to push the boundaries of architectural design to create sustainable new worlds. The qualitative judgement of the public at large & the learned elite makes architects to contemplate futures worth living and architecture worthy of these futures.


Our country is a colorful tapestry of multiple languages, varied people, traditions in art & crafts and an emerging modern society with dynamic social & economic interactions. Hence it’s our mission to promote a well-balanced, comprehensive architectural education where students cultivate expertise, sensibilities and critical questioning to produce an architecture that would meet the demands of our complex & diverse society. NCA provides an atmosphere that encourages freedom of thought, fosters pursuit of knowledge and skills that would result in the development of original ideas for the built environment which can address the problems of climate change & global warming caused by the pollution to the natural world.

Nehru College of Architecture will

  • Be acknowledged as one of the pioneering institutions of architecture in India, attracting the best students, and faculty;
  • Prepare profession and society-ready graduates with the ability to think creatively and analytically, and be capable of design interventions in rural and urban areas
  • Be involved in basic and applied disciplinary and multi-disciplinary exploration of knowledge with active participation in the design profession by graduate and undergraduate students
  • Be engaged in local, state, and national social and economic development

Nehru College of Architecture is committed to the principles of

  • Mutual respect, Co-operation and Communication with in the College, the University and the Community
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Academic and Intellectual freedom
  • Pursuit of excellence


  • Attain national recognition as a pioneering program in undergraduate and Post graduate Architecture education
  • Attain national recognition as a centre of distinction in research by process of inculcating research and inquisitive thinking among Faculty and Students
  • Reinforce partnerships and alliances with institutes of national and international eminence to facilitate faculty and student exchange program
  • Augment public support of the institution by conducting social outreach programme.
  • Foster an environment that encourages recruitment and retention of excellent and diverse faculty and students.

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