Ar. Smrithi Devakumar Assistant Professor

‘Architecture is the built reflection of what has been so far & what is becoming’, and hence has the potential to shape and direct human behaviour.

To be engaged in the field of architecture is to understand our impact on the social & cul-tural fabric of the ecosystem we work in. It is taking decisions for the ecological commu-nity and shaping lifestyles of the people we touch. While it burdens one with a sense of overarching duty/responsibility, it also rewards disproportionately with purposeful pride.

An Alumni of School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai, Ar. Smrithi Devakumar, has creatively contributed to various residential, commercial & institutional projects in & around Coimbatore. She continued to hone her academic interests by partnering with educational bodies like Karpagam University & Tips Global Institute as design faculty.

Smrithi pursues her passion for architecture, by being an active member of INTACH at its Palakkad Chapter and also through her avatar as a co founder of a design company which is seriously in sync with fun in Art & Illustration.

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