Prof. Ar. Keshav Gangadhar M.Arch. (Environmental Architecture), AIIA.

After graduating from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 1991, I worked for Laurie Baker Building Centre which was being constructed at the time. Having moved to Bangalore in ’93, I wrote for “Indian Architect & Builder” (IA&B) magazine published from Mumbai, as their Correspondent for about 5 years, publishing more than 15 articles before moving to my hometown in Palakkad to set up my private practice called “Eco-Design”. Most of the approximately 150 projects completed over the past two decades have been residential, with some interiors, schools and landscape designs as well, that strive to be economical and ecologically appropriate to both the cultural and climatic contexts.

I have taught as visiting faculty @ MES, Kuttipuram for close to a decade, and was Principal of the first college in Palakkad District in 2012. My work has been recognized and featured in a few Malayalam architectural magazines and was fortunate to contribute to the formation of the Indian Institute of Architect’s Palakkad Sub-Centre in 2014, serving as Chairman from 2015-18. While teaching as a full-time Professor in a college in Ooty, I completed my Masters in Environmental Architecture as a part-time student from Anna University. After more than 23 years of practice, 17 years of teaching and 5 years of writing, I was appointed as the Director, Nehru College of Architecture(NCA) for the past two years.

Presently as Professor, I look forward to shaping architects of the future @ NCA, those who can think sustainably, locally and act responsibly on the global stage.

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